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Crane scale with wireless remote control. Large bright red LED display 1.5" high. Auto span calibration. full tare subtraction. (2) Ni-Cad rechargeable battery packs and recharger are included. One pack is in the scale and the other is a spare that should be kept fully charged. Typical 72 hours between recharge. Low battery indication. Hold function automatic, manual. Tare up to 100%. Zero up to 2%. Function keys on both scale housing and remote control for ON, OFF, ZERO, TARE, HOLD. 

bulletBattery Operated with Low Battery Indication
bulletRechargeable Battery Pack
bulletSpare Battery Pack and Charger Included
bulletEasy to Read 1.5" LED Display
bulletRemote Control Included as Standard
bulletOn, Off, Zero, Tare and Hold (Manual or Automatic) Functions
bulletAuto Span Adjustment
bulletAuto Zero Tracking
Part Number Capacity Weight Price
Caston III-10K 10,000 lb x 5 lb 112 lb $2065
Caston III-20K 20,000 lb x 10 lb 146 lb $3145
Caston III-30K 30,000 lb x 10 lb 161 lb $3775
Caston III-40K 40,000 lb x 20 lb 198 lb $4225
Caston III-60K 60,000 lb x 20 lb 612 lb $6655
Caston III-100K 100,000 lb x 50 lb 780 lb $11,245



Model Caston III-10K Caston III-20K Caston III-30K Caston III-40K
Capacity 10,000 x 5 lbs
5,000 x 2kg
20,000 x 10 lbs
10,000 x 5kg
30,000 x 20 lbs
15,000 x 10kg
40,000 x 20 lbs
20,000 x 10kg
Maximum Tare Full Tare
Display Type LED (1.5")
Operating Power DC 6V
Power Source AC 120V, 50/60 Hz
Display Designators Zero, Tare, Hold, Batt.
Power Consumption 1.2 W
Operating Temperature -10 C + 40 C (14 F to 104 F)


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