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                    Model 670 with 2 ramps          Model 670-PS with Column & wheels


Model 670 Scale Base features

Structural tubular steel construction.

Anti-skid diamond plate deck.
100% End loading capacity.
150% Overload protection.
20 Foot indicator cable.
Ultra-low profile (1.5" above the floor).
Live side rails to weigh oversized loads.
Live built-in easy incline ramps.
Shock load protection.
(4) Internally mounted,  Factory Mutual approved NTEP certified load cells.


Smooth carbon steel deck plate.
Remote NEMA 4x junction box with 10' Sealtite flexible conduit.
Load cell options:
Stainless steel , Hermetically sealed S.S. , Teflon cables.


AC or Battery powered


UMC600IS Weight Indicator features

For use in hazardous Environments.  Factory Mutual approved for Class I, II, III Division 1,2 Groups A,B,C,D,E,F,G. 
    The AC version includes a separate power supply in a NEMA 4 enclosure with (2) strain reliefs for 120 VAC input and DC input.  Cable from power supply to indicator should be ordered separately. 
    The Battery version includes a separate battery charger.  Includes a 6 pin connector for load cell connection and a large tilt stand base to hold battery pack with cable & power connector.  Battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous use in a (4) 350 ohm load cell system.  The battery pack which is designed for easy removal can be recharged in a safe area in 8 hours or less.
    Full digital front panel calibration.  NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure.  Full RFI/EMI shielding.  Tilt-stand base for desk or wall mounting.  Keys are ZERO, TARE RECALL, GROSS RECALL, TARE, TOTAL RECALL, PRINT, 1 SETPOINT, 2 SET POINT.  Numeric keyboard for tare entry, Adjustable digital averaging.  Optional two setpoints with preact & dribble for switching intrinsically safe circuits.
NTEP approved III/IIIL 10,000 divisions


Model 670

Platform Size Capacity with UMC600IS Battery with UMC600IS AC version
30" x 30"

Up to 2,500 lb

$3,056 $3,056
30" x 30" Up to 5,000 lb $3,056 $3,056
36" x 36" Up to 2,500 lb $3,175 $3,175
36" x 36" Up to 5,000 lb $3,200 $3,200
Add $50 for 2nd ramp (total of 2)    
Spare battery   $399  
AC power cable     $1.40/FT
4-20ma or 0-10V analog output $585 $585
I/O barrier  required for analog output $275 $275

Model 670-PS
Portable Scale


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