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T500E scale system


Includes the following:
* (3) or (4) 18" x 18" - 5,000 lb capacity platforms
* Each platform comes with a T500E digital display with RS232 computer/printer output (available electric or battery powered)
* Each platform is calibrated in 1 lb increments (0.1% accuracy)
* Each scale platform uses (4) 2,500 lb load cells.
* 15 feet of cable from platform to display (longer or shorter lengths available)
* Optional upgrade to M2000 weight indicator with 3 inputs (all 3 scales connect to one display) See below.
* Custom sizes are no problem

Model System Capacity Capacity per pad Weight per Price
T500E-5K-3 pads
(steel construction)
15,000 lb total 5000 lb each 75 lbs each $2995
T500E-5K-4 pads
(steel construction)
20,000 lb total 5000 lb each 75 lbs each $3995
T500E-3K-3 pads
(aluminum constr.)
9,000 lb total 3000 lb each 50 lbs each $3,150
T500E-3K-4 pads
(aluminum constr.)
12,000 lb total 3000 lb each 50 lbs each $3,200
Ramp (steel)       $100 each
Ramp (aluminum)       $125 each
M2000 CPU upgrade       $250 adder


Shown with optional ramps


M2000 CPU with 3 scale input
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